"I mean, how can you get more summery than combining fruit and wine? But the pre-made versions usually leave something to be desired. Mija stands out from the rest thanks to the inclusion of real fruit and a homemade taste." - HGTV.com

"OMG - YUMMY! I have never found another pre-made sangria that even comes close to the delishiousness of Mija. It is truly fantastic. Its a must try." - Anonymous

"Nice fruity summer drink especially when you add ice and slices of lemon, lime, and orange ;-)" - Nancy Johnson, Centerville, MA

"Awesome! As close to home-made as possible. Delicious." - Anonymous, Staten Island, NY

"BEST SANGRIA. Wow - I didn't know you could make bottled sangria this good!" - Anonymous, Boston, MA

"I never would've believed bottled Sangria could be this good. We always cheat by adding our own fresh fruit, but Mija is the perfect pour for summer guests. Only issue is that we go through it really fast with company. Do you sell it by the pallet?" - Anonymous, Barnstable, MA

"I'm not a wine drinker, the bottle caught my eye as I was walking by, so I bought it. OMG I'm addicted to it. Love it." - Anonymous, Buffalo, NY